Sound Baths and Healing Sessions


I host a Sound Bath every Thursday at 7pm in the Bonnington Centre in Vauxhall. 
This one hour experience guides you into a deep meditative state using the sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls. The sounds emitted from the bowls are enchanting harmonic tones reminiscent of an angelic choir. The bowls create a feeling of peace in a loving and compassionate way, bringing us back into perfect balance and harmony.

I also offer one to one Soul Healing sessions, using the Crystal Bowls, which aim to remove blockages to the energy flow within the chakras, aura and physical body; to relax, re-align and balance the body, mind, heart and soul.

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The Aquarius Soundscape in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple

Last night I played my first Planetary Soundscape event in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple dedicated to the Pluto/Mercury Conjunction in Aquarius.

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, it has been known that the rotation of a planet can be expressed as a musical note. When two planets are in conjunction, that creates a harmony. In the last year, Pluto’s slow rotation has arrived in Aquarius for the first time since the French and American Revolutions. And on the night of 4th/5th February, the generational world-shaping power of Pluto moved into conjunction with the racing intellectual and communicative energy of Mercury… together in the Sign of the genius, free-thinking Aquarius.

A once in a multi-lifetime event! Priest of Avalon and Star Brother, David Spofforth hosts this alchemical ritual Sound Bath experience to bathe you in the harmonic patterns of the night’s sky, weaving a meditative soundscape of Crystal Singing Bowls, Gong and other healing sounds.

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Welcome to the 2024 Age of Aquarius!

To welcome the Sun moving into Aquarius, I performed a planetary Sound Bath. One of these days I will post a full explanation of what that means, but essentially I am playing harmonies that correspond to which planets are in which sign and which ones are in aspect to each other. So the vibrations of the Sound Bath resonate with the astrological energies of the night and put you in tune with those energies.

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31 Days to Wellbeing

Last week Zach and Lewis came to my Sound Bath on Day 11 of their January quest to find an activity for every day of the month that aids in wellbeing. See how much they liked it in Week 2 of their Documentary series on YouTube…

“As three men living in a world where it can often be difficult to talk about men’s mental health, January is a time when we have found we need to work extra hard to look after our mental wellbeing. But this year we are aiming to make January the best month of the year, by doing activities that are good for our wellbeing, and raising money for a charity close to our hearts along the way.

“Rather than punishing ourselves with impossible New Year’s resolutions, we’ve decided to do an activity that is good for our wellbeing every day for the 31 days of January. For every day of January, we aim to raise £100.

Men Walk Talk aims to support mental health in men of all ages by engaging them in walking groups and signposting to specialist support for those who may benefit. We love what the charity is doing because it focuses on simple steps to make you feel better about things: going for a walk and talking to someone about how you’re doing.”

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Sound Jamming in Brighton

I was at a collaborative sound event at the Humankind studio in Brighton yesterday with my teacher, Siobhan Swider and Sound Healing Academy classmates. A beautiful day of harmony and cacao! This is my contribution to the day – Thanks to Siobhan for trusting me with her beautiful starry platinum Alchemy Bowl!

Humankind is a yoga and pilates studio in Kemp Town Brighton. A beautiful wellness community.
My teacher, Siobhan Swider, is a freelance professional harpist and sound practitioner and has had many opportunities performing around the world in beautiful iconic venues such as Royal Albert Hall, Hollywood Bowl and Sydney Opera House.

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